Our Volunteers

The Family for Life staff includes caring volunteers who have extensive experience in working with children including: social workers, teachers, and parents - all staff members share a common philosophy and ethic that supports positive and well-balanced child and family development.

Arlene Mendoza, LVN

Arlene is our Camp Nurse Volunteer 2005-Present

Irene Rodriguez

Board Member and Camp Volunteer 2005-Present Best of Hays Community Volunteer 2013

Tiffany Carnes

Tiffany is a founding Board Member and has been serving Family 4 Life since 2002. She is an attorney and mother to son, Kade.

Patricia Medina

Current Board President Volunteer Camp Buddy since 2013

Austin Koester

Current Board Member Volunteer Camp Buddy since 2013

Erica Ramos

Current Board Treasurer Volunteer Camp Buddy Since 2019

Florinda Williams

Current Board Member Volunteer Camp Buddy since 2013

Erin Abel

Current Board Member Volunteer and Camp Auxiliary Lead since 2016

Gabrielle Medina

Gabrielle began volunteering in 2019.

Jacob Medina

Jacob began volunteering in 2016

Daniel Coy

Daniel Began volunteering in 2014

Jessica Perez, LVN

Jessica began volunteering as a Buddy and Camp Nurse in 2017

Jessica Perez "J2"

Began volunteering in 2019