Our Mission

Family 4 Life is dedicated to strengthening family connections through reunification, education and support-fostering family relationships that last a lifetime.

Family for Life, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2002, is dedicated to keeping families together through Camp Family4Life, which reunites separated foster and adoptive siblings throughout the year, serving siblings from across Texas.

Camp Family 4 Life

The Camp Family for Life experience currently takes place at Dunbar Recreation Center in San Marcos, Texas, under the supervision of the camp director, a professional care team and trained, volunteer buddies who are paired with individual campers. The campers' days are filled with fun-filled activities enabling siblings to try new things and get reacquainted with one another through activities like archery, arts and crafts, and swimming. Over the course of the two-day experience, campers are matched with a volunteer buddy that can provide the support and encouragement that they may need to have a positive experience at camp.


Statistics on Foster Children

  • There are over 580,000 children in foster care across the United States.
  • 65% - 85% of children entering the foster care system have at least one sibling.
  • 30% of children in foster care have four siblings or more.
  • 75% of siblings end up apart when they enter foster care.


A Mile in My Shoes 2015

A Mile in My Shoes 2014 at River Ridge Park in San Marcos Texas April 11, 2015 sign up at 8 a.m.

Warm-up 8:35am

ALL SIBLING LAP 8:45am (All siblings walk to 1st lap in honor of the sibling bond. This years Sibling lap will be led by Founder, Rob Rodriguez, Board Members and Siblings Teresa Scott and Irene Rodriguez and Milto's Joe Rodriguez (Sibling)

ALL Teams beginning walking at 9am

How far would you walk to see your brother or sister? The sibling relationship is the longest relationship we will ever have. One that will outlast our friends and our parents. Fighting for the front seat, staying up all night, a secret language are just a few of the things that siblings separated by foster care and adoption will miss and things that some of us take for granted.

Each particpant will put a team together, participate on their own or join one of the Family 4 Life teams and help reach the Team goal of $500.00 in sponsorships to be able to participate. Money can be raised by soliciting cash donations from businesses, family and friends. Teams will participate, with each team entering at least one walker. As a team you are responsible for for a minimum of 6 miles which can be walked together or in relay. All monies are to be reported, documented and turned in weekly to Team Captains. Our goal is to cover over 200 miles collectively to symbolize the average distance that some siblings are separated. Team Members will carry and pass along a letter from one Camp Family4Life sibling to another about the hardships of separation and the joy of reunification during the walk.

To donate click the DONATE Button

Join us for $6 Burger Boxes by TEXAS ROADHOUSE (includes BURGER,CHIPS AND DRINK)

Serving at 11am







"A Mile in My Shoes"

A symbolic walk to reunite Texas' separated foster and adoptive siblings. 

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