the power of a life so new

Thursday, October 11, 2007
I received a phone call on september 18 while I was at work. The caller wanted to let me know that my "grandson" was born at 9:52am and weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 1oz.
I adopted my son almost 8 years ago and without wanting to at the time I adopted his teenage sister as well. It wasn't thru the court system but I vowed to keep them connected. Well, she has given birth to a son and by my definiton my grandson.

There is a certain power in that little life. It has made me more than a man, a brother, a father, a mentor and a friend. All of sudden he will count on me for those things that are important like ice cream floats at midnight and blowing lint from between his toes and singing him to sleep when he is afraid. It will be the second most important job of my life, the first being a father to his uncle!

I held his tiny body against my heart, hoping that he will begin to recognize the love, the effort and the fighter in me. That I am here and will always be here to make challenges, victories to make despair,hope. His whole body fit in the palm of my hand as if I held his entire world.

I remember my grandfather placing a nickel in the palm of my hand when I was three years old. I do not remember much else...
I hope that for this angel I can be one of his favorite times, one of his favorite stories one of his favorite memories...
c u around the playground!

(grand)father for life